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It is ideal that new friends read this page before making a reservation as it contains pertinent information. 


Please leave my gift in an unsealed and unmarked envelope in a visible place upon arrival. If we meet in public please put the gift in a thank you card, gift bag, or bouquet of roses. This will give us more time to enjoy each other's company. Please do not make me ask for it.


Please arrive freshly showered with crisp, fresh breath, and clean hands.  And if you haven’t within the past hour, you are welcome to shower and freshen up at my in-call.  A number of toiletries, a new toothbrush, mouthwash, and more are at your reserve.


I fully understand that interruptions can occur in busy schedules. However, if a date is cancelled without at least 48 hours notice from the client it will result in a $200 cancellation fee due immediately. Dates cancelled within 24 hours require 100 percent of my rate in addition to the $200 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee can be applied to a future date scheduled within one month of the cancelled date.


The resulting actions of not promptly paying the cancellation fee and or my rate are the following: automatic blacklisting, forfeit of the non-refundable deposit, and the inability to secure a future date.


Please keep in mind that the cancellation fee is in addition to the non-refundable deposit. The non-refundable deposit is utilized to secure my availability for the length of time originally requested by the client.

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