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A Glance
To A Gaze

Base: Greenville, SC

Ethnicity: Mixed

Age: 27

Height: 5'3

Dress: Size 2

Shoes: Size 39

Chest: 34DD

Eyes: Golden Brown

Hair: Wavy, curly, dark brown

Complexion: Sun-kissed and tan

It’s long been said that dignity, beauty, strength, good humor, and an air of inviting warmth are the timeless and hallmark characteristics of being a woman of the South. 

As a proud Southern woman, I must say – with all humility – that I could not agree more with that characterization.    


If my pictures captured your attention initially, then I intend to maintain your attention with my voice as a vivacious, amiable, sensual, and compassionate Southern woman.  Those who have gotten to know me well would attest that I have an overwhelmingly positive and down-to-earth demeanor, keen intelligence, infectious smile, and a playful sexiness that’s hard to resist.  I’ve also been complimented for a disarming genuineness that invites conversation and new friendships wherever I go. 


I have an inherent ability to move with ease in both formal and informal social settings, and anything in between.  When an occasion calls for something casual, I can dress comfortably in easy-going – but still impeccable and fashionable – attire.  Likewise, if an occasion calls for glamor, I can vamp it up in sexy, high-fashion couture that’s sure to turn heads – especially yours.  Whether we are at a college football game or a glamorous charity event, my innate sense of decorum and discretion make me the ideal companion with whom you always will feel comfortable and at ease.  


So what sort of fun might we have?  Well, fun is whatever you and I decide it is.  I am always looking forward to my next opportunity to ski and snowboard, go yachting or horseback riding – anything that requires physical activity.  I also will never turn down an invitation for a romantic night on the town indulging in gourmet cuisine and scintillating conversation in the company of a true gentleman.  And who knows?  Perhaps our day or evening together will culminate in fun of the pleasurable, lustful, and naughty variety. 


Now isn’t it high time that you escaped on a remarkable adventure – an adventure replete with unforgettable pleasures and memories – with an equally remarkable Southern woman?

Yours truly,

Giselle Novak

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